Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome Home Jackson

We finally got to bring Jackson home!

After playing the waiting game, just waiting for him to finish all his meds, Jackson came home on Saturday.

Here we are in the NICU getting him ready to come home.

It has been awesome to have him home.  His brothers all love him.  Tyler of course was so excited to finally meet him and held him the first chance he got.

He has been a big help--willing to fetch things for me, entertain the twins, and even feed a bottle or two.

The twins?  Well, they do love him, but aren't so great at expressing that love.  Before Jackson was born, I figured Carter would have the hardest time--he is such a momma's boy.  But when I came home from the hospital, it was Brady who had a hard time, and Carter seemed fine with Dad or a grandparent.  When we brought Jackson home, that same pattern continued--Brady has been obsessed with mom and the baby.  Carter has just been obsessed with the ipad.  (No, seriously.  He got an electronic addiction over the Christmas break.)  Brady wants to constantly touch, kiss, tap, or pull the baby.  I have become a referee.  He asked to hold "Baby Ja-on" after a few days.

Carter just kind of ignored him for a few days, but gradually started calling him by name and then did want to hold him.  He is actually really tender and sweet with the baby.

As far as having a newborn at home?  Jackson seems to be sweet and mild-mannered.  He eats every 3-4 hours, and his longest stretches are at night!  He usually just sleeps between feedings.  He seems to have one fussy time each day, but as long as someone picks him up and loves on him, he will be fine.  In fact, if he were my only child, I would be getting some major stuff accomplished.  But he's not.  And I spend a lot of time making sure the twins are happy and Jackson is safe from their curiosity. 

We are just so excited to have him home and in our family.  We love you buddy!


Stephani said...


Michelle said...

I'm SO glad that everyone is home now. I'm sure Tyler will be a big helper. We sure miss you guys. I may have to make myself drive that long drive with the kids to come and visit you and those adorable boys!!

amanda said...

Soooo cute!!! I bet Tyler is loving being such an awesome big brother!! I am glad he is sleeping for you and you seem to be doing so great! Miss ya and give all of those boys a hug from me and for Tyler a hug from Keira!!!

Camilla said...

Congrats Ang!! He is so beautiful (as are all your boys).

Shelly Cunningham said...

I am so happy he's home. Your family is together- life is as it should be. I will be thinking of you as you adjust to a new "normal" with four kids- I can't imagine! Also, he is beautiful!