Thursday, January 31, 2013

January in review

Am I the only one who has a hard time with January?  No offense if it's your birthday month.  Heck, if it was my birthday month I might like it.  But this month has been blech.  Horrible weather--I think we had 4 days or so that got above freezing, inversion with crappy air, and lots of snow.  Post-holiday blues.  Dan has been traveling a lot which leads me to burn out.  We've had some minor illness floating around.  I've been feeling pretty down, and haven't had much desire to blog.

However, we have had a few things worth blogging about.

New Year's

We decided last minute to go to Idaho and visit Dan's brother.  The twins absolutely LOVE their cousin Lizzy, and she's awesome and loves them back just as much.  I was hesitant about going because I feel like it's so much work, but Dan stepped up, did tons, let me go see Les Mis, and even took Carter to the urgent care.  (Strep)  It ended up being a fun few days.

And here's a before and after shot of Brady.

Brady sneaked a pair of clippers out of my bathroom and took out a chunk of his hair.  His beautiful curls!  We had to give him a short haircut, and his curls are all wonky now.  We'll see when his hair grows out some more.

Texas comes to us!
Jen and Gabe came out to ski and stayed 2 days with us.  We watched Tiegan while they skied, and she gave Jackson his first haircut.

It sure made us miss Texas.

And perhaps the brightest spot in all of January, my sister got engaged.  After being divorced for 9 years, she has finally find a great guy.  We are thrilled for her.  They are getting married soon, so we have already started wedding plans.  This is me, my sis, and her best friend at the Grand America Hotel for a bridal show.

So there were a few bright spots in this crummy month.  But I welcome February with open arms.

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