Monday, December 31, 2012

One Year Old

My sweet Jackson at one.

  • His stats at his one-year well check: Weight is 21 lbs. 4 oz. (49th percentile), Height is 29 1/2 inches (34th percentile) and his head is only 70th percentile (down from 91st and 89th the last two times--looks like he is finally growing into that noggin of his!)
  • He just got tooth #7, and I'm expecting #8 any day.
  • He is taking his own sweet time to walk.  He still can crawl so fast, and he pulls himself up to his knees, but no signs of any steps yet.
  • We have dropped the formula for whole milk, but haven't even tried to get rid of the bottles.  That's going to be hard.
  • He is a pretty good eater. He still eats a lot of jars of baby food, but also loves cheese, yogurt, strawberries, and bananas.
  • He has a few nicknames.  We sometimes call him Jack or Jackers, but he is usually Jackson. 
  • He can say dada and uh oh.  He loves to play the uh oh game, where he drops things and says "uh oh."  He also seems to tease me, and quite often when I ask him to say momma, he replies with a dada.
  • He waves good bye, and claps when he hears others clapping or cheering.
  • He loves people.  He loves when people, especially his brothers, play with him.
  • He has the best laugh.  Often times his brothers can really get him laughing--a great big belly laugh.
  • He sleeps pretty well, but he still wants a bottle really early in the morning.  I would love him to go 12 straight hours, but...
  • I feel so lucky to be this boys mom.  We love you Jackson!

And here's a look back at my boy this year.


abbas pele said...

very prety ur son.....:D

T Fowler said...

So fun to see him grow. He is such a cute little guy!