Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chirstmas Eves

We got to celebrate Christmas Eve twice this year.  Due to some scheduling conflicts, we had our big family gathering on the 23rd at my mom's.  She made a delicious dinner (ham, potatoes, beans, carrots, jello salad) and then we acted out the nativity. 

We intended to have all the grandkids participate, but my kids wouldn't cooperate.  Jackson wouldn't hold still long enough to be baby Jesus.  And we kept asking the twins if they wanted to be wise men or shepherds.  Brady told me he would only be Buzz Lightyear, and Carter said he would only be a superhero. 

The next night, we had my parents and my brother and sister over.  We started off frosting our cookies for Santa.

 We didn't have a sit down dinner, but I just had different appetizers and munchies for us to graze on.  After eating, we opened up new pajamas.

And the best reaction to their new pajamas goes to my brother Dave:

Then we opened our new book from Grandma and Grandpa, which Grandma read to us.  Followed by the traditional reading of "The Night Before Christmas."

And with at least 30 minutes to go before bed, we decided last minute to watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, which we found on You Tube.  I hadn't seen it in forever, and it was super nostalgic for my sister and me.

We finally got the kids down and, thanks to my ill-prepared self, spent a good 2-3 hours wrapping gifts, assembling gifts, and making breakfast items for the next morning.  But it was awesome to spend time with my family.  


Shelly Cunningham said...

I love the picture of your four boys, how they are all hugging- Tyler hugging Jackson, and the twins hugging. So heartwarming!

T Fowler said...

I recognize that book, Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree. It's Kate's favorite book - we read it year-round. How did the remote controlled shark work? I've been eyeing that for awhile for Enoch, but haven't tried it yet.

Muhammad Amir said...
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