Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trim-the-tree party

I LOVE traditions.  My favorite thing about living back in Utah is participating in all the family traditions.  I love that my mom is so "festive" we always say.  One of her traditions is her trim the tree party.  We gather at her house, she feeds us dinner (always soup), we decorate her tree, have a pinata, and all the grandkids get a new Christmas tree ornament.

I really wish I knew how to take good low light pictures, because most of them turned out pretty crummy.  Here's a few:

This little airplane was my grandpa's.  He got it from a cracker jack box probably 80-85 years ago.

Jackson's ornament: a polar bear and penguin in a sled

Carter's ornament: an airplane

Brady's ornament: a train

Tyler's ornament: Jack Skellington in honor of his trip with grandma and grandpa to Disneyland

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