Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

And just like that my little boy is now 9.

Thankfully he was willing to have a family party this year; my ability to entertain was vanishing quickly.  In fact, I wasn't wanting to do anything that would take too much effort on my part, so we went bowling.  The bowling alley by us offers birthday packages, so we booked a party there.  We had our family, my mom, my brother, my sister's kids, and my other sister and her family.  In all 15 people.  We bowled one game, had pizza, played in the arcade, laser tag, gifts, cake, and one more game of laser tag. 

It's the birthday boy, and his cousin the photo bomber.

Our traditional birthday chomp.

Thank you grandma!

Is there a better game for a nine year old?
The party was going perfectly until our last game of laser tag.  Somehow Tyler and his cousin Logan ran right into each other--hard.  We took them out, and immediately Logan had a goose egg an inch tall, and Tyler already had a bruise around his eye.  It kind of put a damper on the otherwise fun party, but I think that a few days later, he has already forgotten about it and remembers that it really was a fun party.  Happy Birthday, Bud!

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