Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jackson turns one

Finally, a day to breathe.  This is a crazy time for everyone, but add in 2 birthdays and it is extra crazy for us.  We celebrated Jackson's birthday on the 22nd; we had fake Christmas Eve at my mom's on the 23rd; we had real Christmas Eve at our house on the 24th; Christmas; and then Tyler's birthday on the 26th.  And yes, for all but one of those things--I was the host!

But boy have we had fun.  Enjoy a flurry of posts as I document our fun holidays. 

First up, Jackson's first birthday party.

I went with a circus theme.  I didn't want to spend tons of money, but did want to do something fun and special since you only have one first birthday.  The only decor was the tissue pom poms and pennant banner, both of which are inexpensive and easy to make.  I had popcorn and animal crackers to munch on.  We went with nachos for the main meal.  That was as circusy as I could think of.  I cooked salsa chicken (which by the way, you should do if you never have.  You throw chicken breasts in the crock pot with a jar of salsa and cook until it shreds.  Easiest meal ever, and so yummy.), and had lots of toppings to go with it.

My splurge was his cake.  My cousin Melanie started making cakes about a year or two ago, and she is amazing.  When she moved out here last summer, I told her I was hiring her to do a cake.  And boy did she deliver.

Not only was it adorable, but so delicious.  Strawberry pina colada for the top layer, and chocolate peppermint bark for the bottom.  If you live near me, and want an awesome cake, let me know.  I will get you her contact info.  We are definitely getting a 40th birthday cake for Dan from her.

I printed off coloring pages of circus stuff, and had the kids color them as they arrived.  After dinner, we went in the basement and had a cake walk, using the papers.  And then pin the nose on the clown.  Two simple, fun games.

Next up, presents.

And finally, the best part of a first birthday, the smash cake.

He loved it.  Happy Birthday Jackson!

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