Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

My very favorite thing about living here is being able to participate in all our family traditions.  And one big one at Christmas is making gingerbread houses.

My mom is amazing.  I think we made our first ones about 25 years ago?  At least 20.  Oh my word--I am getting old.  My mom spends a whole day baking the houses, one day to go buy all the candy, and one do to do all the assembling.  At first, she was making 4 houses for us kids, then we started inviting my cousins so she would make 6.  This year she made 10.

The kids all look forward to it.  In fact Tyler got up that morning early, and came to my room stating how excited he was.  I thought it was because he only had 3 days of school till Christmas break. No.  He was just so excited for gingerbread houses. I think he'd been counting down the days since the beginning of the month.

Ready to begin.

We actually did it in shifts this year.  The under school age kids came during the day, and Jackson got to munch on lots of gingerbread cookies.

Next up were the kids who came right when school was out.

And a few of the finished products.

We actually left before the last group went, which was the after work group.  So we didn't get one shot of all the houses like we usually do, but you can still see how great these turn out each year.

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