Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pregnancy Update--25 weeks

25 weeks.  Wow.  Almost the the third trimester.  As usual, time has gone by quickly.  And you know the next 3 months will fly by with the holidays.  We are so excited to welcome the new baby.

First, we are having a BOY!  AT 15 weeks I had an ultrasound to check on the subchorionic hemmorahage (which was gone), and while the umbilical cord was in the way, the doctor thought it was a boy.  Then at 18 weeks, for my birthday, Dan took me out to lunch and to a visit to Fetal Foto, where it was very obvious it was a boy.  I would post the ultrasound pic, but that seems a little weird to post your sons private parts on the internet, even if it is in utero.  Just imagine 2 legs making an upside down V, and a very obvious part right in the middle.  At 22 weeks I had my second trimester ultrasound with the doctor.  Everything looked great, and again we saw a boy.  I was relieved that everything checked out; I was feeling a bit nervous now that I am of advanced maternal age.

18 weeks-caught in mid somersault

22 weeks--perfect profile

As far as how I'm feeling, everything this time around is just a bit more.  That's what happens when you're 37!  I had more morning sickness, more fatigue, more aches.  I'm only 25 weeks, but feel like I did when I was a good 5-7 weeks further along.  I have sciatic nerve issues for the first time too!  But there is still the awesome parts of pregnancy--feeling the baby move and knowing there is a life growing inside.

And a few belly pics.  People keep saying I look small, and someone today at church told me they weren't even sure if I was pregnant when they saw me today.  Ha!  I feel like a whale.

22 weeks

this morning, 25 weeks


Shelly Cunningham said...

Another boy, my friend... I think he will be wonderful & adored by all those big brothers. Congratulations!

Michelle said...

You're GORGEOUS!!! This little guy is LUCKY to be born into your family!! We love you and just hang in there because he'll be here before you know it!!