Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lauren comes to visit

Our last hurrah for the summer was when my niece Lauren came for a visit from Texas. She was super helpful, but we also tried to cram in as much fun stuff as we could.  I have tons of pictures from her visit, but here are just a few of the fun things we did.


This is the Place

I still can't get over how much Jackson loved petting the sheep.  I have never liked petting zoos!

Temple Square

The Zoo

We also hit BYU Campus and Creamery and had a picnic up the canyon.  See? We did keep busy, and enjoyed her company so much.  We hope she'll be back to visit soon!


Michelle said...

She LOVED coming to your house last summer. She can't wait to come next summer. Thanks for having her. I NEED to come for a visit as well.

Nazri Nordin said...

Just bloghopping and I must say that you have a lovely family! :)