Sunday, November 4, 2007

Family Pics

We got our proofs back from our family pictures, and are really quite happy with them. Here is a link to our photograper's blog:

Amy is a friend from church, in fact she was Tyler's teacher for awhile, and we had such a fun time with her.

As far as our happenings go, Tyler and I went to Austin Friday night so we could be there for our cousin Nathan's baptism Saturday morning. What a fun time; Tyler loves hanging out with all his cousins, and he and his cousin Emily who don't always play so well together, did. Here they are with Ryan:

Grandma and Grandpa are here now to do us a huge favor. They get to stay and play with Tyler while Dan and I go to Mexico. It's a little trip for our upcoming anniversary, and we are so looking forward to going. So in two days, I should laying poolside, sipping my virgin pina colada, with a good book in hand. Ahhhhh.

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David said...

We just finished looking at your blog. We are making gingerbread houses. Jyl and Sadie are here, and David and Dar and everyone else but Dad and David. We think that thing under your tree looks like a pretzel. Maybe I can make a gingerbread house with Tyler after Christmas. Love you! Mom