Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vacation Recap

We had such a great time on our vacation. It was a beautiful resort, and we had a lot of fun with our friends Joshua and Amanda. This was purely a vacation of R&R; we spent most of our time hanging out at the pool sipping our newly discovered drink--a virgin Miami Vice. Well, I did. That and spending some time in the spa. Dan was a little busier. He and Joshua went golfing, and also enjoyed all the activities on site--water polo, water volleyball, football on the beach, and so on. We stayed at the Excellence resort at Playa Mujeres. We were actually the first people to stay in our room, which was pretty cool. The only bad thing was that there were a few construction kinks: the fitness center was not open (and I was so going to workout everyday) and the hot tubs were still cold tubs. We had even payed extra for the room with a rooftop terrace and hot tub, and it was cold; we couldn't even use it. The resort was good enough to comp us some golf and spa treatments to make up the difference. The service was wonderful, and the food excellent. We would love to go back again.

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