Sunday, November 18, 2007

Indian Boy

Last Monday Tyler had his Thanksgiving feast at school. I love seeing him in his school environment. The class sang us two songs, and then the pilgrims (the grown ups) had all brought food to share at the feast with the indians (the kids). Aren't their indian costumes adorable? Tyler has been wearing his all week.

Later in the week Tyler and I decided to try out the Museum of Health. They have a Sesame Street Exhibit that is all about the body--body parts, how they work, organs, taking care of your body inside and out, etc. We loved that we got to meet Elmo, and I think we stayed in the Elmo's world section for almost half the time we were there, but Tyler's very favorite part, like so many children I'm sure, was the little display on digestion. Look at the pictures, and I'm sure you'll see why. We liked this museum and plan to go back to look at the permanant exhibit, we didn't even make it there we liked this so much.

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