Saturday, May 31, 2008

Time for Bowling

Today was one of those rare lazy Saturdays. Tyler had a birthday party this morning, but then we came home and just sat around. There were no pressing to-do lists, jobs had pretty much been completed, Dan even had his Sunday School lesson finished. So we decided to go bowling--fun and indoors.
Tyler was so funny while we played. He had an orange 6 pound ball, and it had to go on its own side of the ball return; no other balls could be on that side. The way he moved, after he would throw the ball, he would back up nice and slowly, watching the ball the whole way down. Which took a while because when he bowled, the ball took a long time to travel down the lane. He did great though, even scored a 117 on the last game. (Gotta love those bumpers!) On that game, he was actually ahead at the beginning, but then I passed him about the fourth frame. I thought we were both going to beat Dan, but wouldn't you know it, he scored a turkey in the last frame and beat us both. I love these fun moments where we get to just play together. Makes family time awesome!

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Alisha said...

Fun stuff! I love bowling. Sometimes I think the hubbys do that on purpose...let you think you are going to win, and then pull out the victory from behind! :)