Friday, June 6, 2008


Dan has decided to pursue a new hobby--golf. He has always golfed a bit, but when we lived in Little Rock his good buddy Joshua got him even more into it. Last year for his birthday he bought himself some clubs, and this year I got him some golf lessons. Now, since I do not accompany him on his golf outings, I do not know how much he has actually improved, or even how much he enjoys playing. I do hear the comments when he returns home, which range from: "I hit the most beautiful drive off the tee, close to 300 yards" to "I suck at golf and everything I have learned means nothing."

Well, the golf bug has trickled down the line of men in our house, and Tyler decided that he too wanted to try golfing. Now, you can imagine the skills of a four-year-old, but Dan loved the idea of a golfing buddy, so I present to you: Tyler the golfer.
I cannot believe how adorable he is with his little bag on his back, the teeny glove, and hey, that's not too bad of a swing for someone of his age and skill level.


Kelsey said...

His glove is hillarious. I keep telling Jared that when he goes golfing, they simply must take the boys. ha ha! How relaxing would that be?

Camilla said...

Cute! Davis is trying to figure out the golf thing himself!