Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas

Before it gets to late to talk about Christmas, I wanted to share our absolutely wonderful time. I have decided that spending time with our little family of three can be amazing. Our Christmas Eve began that morning with a cleaning house blitz. This is yet another way I have turned into my mom. Santa will not stop at your house if you can't take care of the things that you already have. Next, we got to spend a lovely afternoon and delicious dinner with our friends Corey and Stephani. How grateful we are that they invited us last minute to share with them. We went home and frosted our cookies for Santa

and then Dan and Tyler did their special project:

After making a manger for Baby Jesus, we read Luke 2 and Twas the night before christmas

Tyler had been under strict warning to NOT come downstairs in the night. So at about 2:30 I hear my name being called. He had a cough that woke him up, and the excitement kept him up. After 1 hour, and a bath, he finally settled back down. We all got up for good at 7:30.

Santa definitely found our house. Unfortunately, the UPS man has not. My mom sent us a package, but thanks to their computerized system, our package ended up in Little Rock, and although we have been assured that it is on its way here, we still have not seen it. I hope it comes tomorrow!

We had the missionaries over for breakfast and stockings. Then we relaxed. That afternoon we went over to Dan's brother's house in Katy. Tyler loves playing with his cousins. Finally we came home, via the airport, where we picked up my sister who spent the weekend with us. Yipee!

Merry Christmas!


Polson Family said...

Hey Stansel family! We didn't get your Christmas card, but it is wonderful to see your blog and what you guys are up too. Tyler is so cute and I can't believe he is 5. I do miss the San Antonio days, they were great. Hope all is going well for you guys. We miss ya!

Lori Muir said...

How fun! Merry Christmas! Which sister came down to visit? I'm glad you had a great time.

Tresa Fowler said...

Looks like a great day. My kids were jealous that you got the missionaries for Christmas (like they are some sort of present with a bow!). Happy Birthday, Tyler!

Wish upon a Starr said...

What a fun Christmas! I love the homemade manger, that's a cute idea. I think Christmas is so much more fun now that we have kids, then it ever was as a kid. It's a completely different kind of excitement, and I love it!

Speers Family said...

Thank you so much for coming over! We had a great time.