Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Utah Top 10

The ten things I will miss most about Utah. (Because, our stay really is coming to a close. Brady could be out as early as Friday, and Carter looks like he might be ready early next week. We'll see.)

10. Fry sauce. Seriously. I mean the packages of sauce we get at Sonic are made in Oklahoma. Surely they can ship some of that on down to Texas.
9. My hair dries so fast.
8. LDS paraphernalia everywhere. I really wanted the Neal A. Maxwell quote book at Costco, but didn't want to lug it home in my already overflowing suitcase.
7. Bajio. It used to be Cafe Rio, but Bajio, with its green chile chicken quesadilla, has overtaken my top spot for must-have restauraunt visit.
6. Good radio stations. Maybe I should give Houston a second chance since I've been listening to XM for a while now, but last I checked, no comparison.
5. The grass. You can actually walk barefoot through it. Or better yet, lie down in it.
4. Sno-cones. Now, I'm sure there are place we can get these in Texas, but I have loved all our trips over to Snoasis. Banana and Cream, yummy.
3. The weather. I love that I can sit outside at really any time of the day in the shade and be comfortable. And at night? Heaven.
2. The mountains. I absolutely love looking up at the mountains; they truly make me feel like I am home.
1. My family. I have the greatest siblings and parents anyone could ask for. They have all been so supportive and helpful through this whole experience. Luckily my mom will be coming back to Houston with me for a spell. I wish I could bring them all.


michelle said...

I'm so glad they are doing much better. i know you will miss your family and Utah...i think there are a lot of people here in Houston that are looking forward to you guys coming home. I'm glad you can bring your mom back with you.

Lauren said...

You made me miss Utah, too. :) I'm glad you guys will be heading home soon! I can't wait to meet the twins!

Hindmarsh Family said...

I've been following your twin journey! We can't wait for your return home... I am anxious to introduce our boys to eachother (Danny turned 3 weeks today). We will have quite a group of young boys!
I am so glad everything has been so good.
I agree about the banana snowcones! Love them!
Enjoy your last few days.

Kelsey said...

when are you coming home? I dont want you missing Utah anymore. You have to live here, with us in the awesome grass and wonderful heat!

Alisha said...

Okay, fry sauce is way higher up on my list than number ten! I love the artic circle fry sauce! HEHE!