Sunday, July 5, 2009

I know I haven't updated recently, but it is simply that there isn't much to say. The boys are doing great. We are just in the "be patient" phase of our NICU stay. They simply need to grow and eat. They are both steadily gaining weight, both doing progressively better on their bottles, and we are just waiting for them to get where they need to be so we can bring them home.

We have also turned this into our summer vacation and have been able to do a few fun things with family. I will get my dad to download some pictures. How nice it will be to be back on my own computer.


michelle said...

i'm glad to hear all is well. We hope you will be home soon. if we can do anything just let us know!!

Rachel Elaine said...

I was happy to hear that Carter and Brady are progressing well.
Have the doctors given you an estimated time as to when they will be able to come home? I hope Dan gets to stay with you for this time . . .I'm sure work will call him home at some point though.
I was also glad to hear you've been doing some fun things with family. How neat that they can be near for this.
Thanks for the update . . . we all want to hear how things are going!
Take Care.