Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More pictures

We have been going to the hospital twice a day, and I think we take pictures every time we go.

Tyler finally got to hold them. The hospital's rule is that siblings can only come on the weekends, and only if they are under 12 and have their immunization record. He is an awesome big brother. He got to hold each, and then both together. He sang them each a lullaby and a primary song, told them something about space, and kissed the special spot on their heads.

They are doing great. For a while, they put them together in the same bed. Just yesterday, Carter graduated to an open air bed (he can hold his own temp, yeah!) but Brady has a little less meat on him and is still under the warmer. They are both off their IV's, which means that they are now getting all their nourishment from formula. The one thing we need to work on is bottle feeding. They currently are taking 2 of their 8 feedings by bottle. Neither takes the whole amount, but they are getting better. That is what we will spend the next couple weeks on--feeding and growing.

Here are the pictures:

Tyler holding Brady

Mom feeding Carter through his tube

Our first family picture with five of us

The twinkies co-bedding (doesn't it look like they are wrestling? my what fun times we have ahead)

Dad holding both babies

The moment when I actually realized: wow, I am going to have 2 babies to take care of


Alisha said...

OH SO CUTE! I absolutely love the pictures. I can't wait until they are able to come home and we can see them!

Di said...

Those pictures are so cute. Addy saw them and said. Mommy I want to go see them. I hope all is well.

Kimberly said...

You are just glowing, Angela...simply glowing! I'm sure there are tough times, but you look so happy. I'm so happy for you...really!

amanda said...

i loved the pictures and what joy is glowing in all of your faces! I can feel it through the screen! I miss you and was sad to learn Dan is not out HT anymore. So when you guys are up to it in the next 6 months-we'd still love to go out on that date we've been planning!
Keira says hi to Tyler and we all can't wait to help and hold those precious little boys!!!love ya!

Gold Fort said...

Love the ones with Tyler. The entire CTR 6 class sends you our LOVE!

Brit said...

Oh Angela... you just look so happy! I can't believe you are now a family of 5! I loved all of those pictures.

Hart Family said...

You look so happy! Truly aglow. Congrats again :)

Polson Family said...

Congrats you guys. They are so cute. Good luck with everything.

Clark Family said...

Awwww! yall all look sooooo happy! We can't wait to meet your little guys. Kade keeps talking about seeing Tylers new brothers. Oh by the way I cancled your appointment for this week I didnt think you would be here.

Camilla said...

Those pictures are GREAT!! Congratulations. I started to cry when I saw the pic of the two of them co-bedding. They will be such great friends--and yes, probably lots of wrestling.

Crystal said...

I agree, you all look so happy and I just love looking at the pictures of your cute family! They are adorable! I can't wait to see them:)

The Myers Family said...

You will love EVERY minute of it. I love the family pic..it's beautiful! Looking at your pics makes me cry a happy cry..your sweet little boys are such lucky little boys..to have great parents and a family that surrounds them with love. The adventure of having twins is amazing..and the bond they will have will be life long..i promise. My girls are 2.5 and NEVER want to be apart..and worry about each other if they are not by each others side 24/7. It's the most precious thing ever.
Good luck and my one secret to making your older little boy always feel like the big bro..is when people stare and ask questions..always say: "i don't know, how old are they...to your son"..let HIM be the big bro and answer the questions. It's really hard on an older sibling when the twins are in the spot light..like they will be. But having my big girl always answer for me..has really made her a part of this whole adventure.
If you ever have questions feel free to email me..i consider myself full of knowledge after 2.5 years..i don't know everything but i know as much as i can about an older sibling and then twins! :>)