Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our unplanned Utah vacation

We did find some time for vacation while we were in Utah. I would go to the hospital once or twice each day, but that still left some time for relaxing. I am so grateful for such a good and helpful family. Not to mention just how much fun we can have together.

Taking Dustin's (my BIL) scooter for rides around the block:

Visiting the Open House for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple:

Celebrating 4th of July (which I was so excited for--my family goes up the canyon for a yummy breakfast, and we hadn't been there for years for the tradition):

The Lehi Round-up Parade (where only the Texans could actually feel chilly):

A visit to the dinosaur museum with our cousins Logan and Dylan:

Hiking to Timp cave with our other cousins Jake, Jenica, and Abby (even Tyler made it!):

I am so glad that our adoption allowed us to spend time with my family. And while the NICU stay wasn't fun, it was nice that we were able to turn all that waiting into a vacation.


fitandfungrandma said...

It was so fun to have you stay for so long and be part of our summer activities. The best part was, of course, getting to see the babies so often.

summer said...

I have tried to avoid facebook and blogs for the last couple of months and I missed your fantastic news! My Sophie is staring at me wondering why I am crying, I am just so happy for you! Can't help but love a good miracle! I really am excited for you and Dan, hope all goes well. Happy day!

Alisha said...

Okay that 4th of july celebration looks like it rocked! How fun! I'm glad you got to spend some time with family and friends. Can't wait to see your two cuties! :)

Relatively Ririe said...

Sorry I was snoopin, but John and I could not wait to see pics of Brady and Carter! They are so precious! Congratulations!!!

LRM said...

learn the terminology, ang. it's bilf. (this is dave)