Monday, August 3, 2009

Thoughts on newborns

The twinkies are now 6 weeks old and have been out of the hospital for 2 weeks. In those two weeks of caring for them, here are a few things I've learned:

1. It is much easier to deal with exhaustion when you have not just gone through pregnancy, childbirth, and/or major abdominal surgery.

2. Sleeping in shifts helps too. Not every night, but we have tried shifts a few time, and it makes a huge difference. I go to bed with Tyler at 8 or 9 and sleep until 12. Then Dan gets to sleep from 12 until morning. Getting that chunk of 3-4 hours, and then another 3-4 broken up gives me enough sleep to function the next day.

3. I love realizing just how different the boys are. Brady is the feistier one who wants to be held and can eat his entire bottle in minutes. Carter is so laid back, eats when he wants to, and loves his binky.

4. This is my favorite just-discovered baby product:
These blankets are from Target; they are huge; make swaddling so easy; and keep the babies from getting too hot. Tyler was a winter baby, and so it was so easy to just wrap him up in any blanket. These are made of muslin so don't overheat the wee ones. They are a bit more expensive than other receiving blankets, but so worth it.

5. I know these boys were always meant for our family. I am amazed at how great the bond has been, that it was love at first sight, and how much more love we all have as we get to know them more and more. I sure do love all my boys.


Kimberly said...

I get chills when I read your posts. :)

michelle said...

We miss you guys so much. We look forward to seeing you soon. We are so glad that things are working out. i still can't believe they are 6 weeks already. Garrett talks about them all the time. We are so happy for you and we love you and your boysvery much!!

amanda said...

I just loved seeing them the other day. They are soo sweet and just as I gained such a testimony of it on my mission-adoption is one of God's routes to your chosen family. They are your boys.
i have always believed in miracles-sometimes we just have a hard time hanging onto hope-when we want time to get to these amazing times,right?
Kiss those babies for me! All three!