Thursday, August 20, 2009

A day of firsts

Today I had my first:

blowout diaper.
Gross, I know, but since our guys have had the other problem due to their preemie formula, I just wasn't expecting to find that when I picked up Carter. It was one of those, what do I do? I can't set him down anywhere, I can't even get his clothes off. I actually carried him into my bathtub, undressed him there, rinsed him off, then took him out, gave him a sponge bath, and then disinfected my tub. Here's Tyler's proof:

venture out of the house myself with 3 children
Well, actually yesterday I carried two carseats into the peds office so Carter could get blood drawn, but today was our real first outing. We went to Back-to-school night for Tyler. Dan had a work meeting, so I packed up my double stroller and we were off. Tyler is thrilled to start school, and I can't believe it's happening.

And all these firsts have worn me out. I'm off to bed!! Dan has volunteered to take a long shift tonight. I love him!


Amber said...

Carter and Carmen must have been in sync. We had the mother of all blowouts yesterday when I got her up from her nap. Her diaper had exceeded maximum capacity and bloomers, dress, and sheet were covered in it. And there she was, happily kicking her legs. Crazy kids.

amanda said...

you looked like a pro yesterday! I was so proud of you! Now nothing will Supermom!!!!

niki said...

i've been reading your blog lots Angela and i'm so happy for your family and the little guys. they are so precious!! congtrats :)
(niki - from the mission)