Sunday, August 16, 2009

What do you think this means?

This picture has nothing to do with my post, but don't you love it?

Now remember, the twins just hit 8 weeks old. They also just reached their gestational age of 40 weeks last week. Four times Brady has rolled over from his tummy to his back, and even Carter has done the same thing once. I think it means one of the following:

1. My children are going to be exceptionally gifted
2. I have feisty kids who are going to give me trouble
or 3. Nothing

I'm kind of leaning to #3.


Brit said...

Hmmm... i'm not sure what that means. But we'll say exceptionally gifted:) btw- If you are still interested, I learned how to make baby food from this blog:

Surviving Triplets said...

It is great connecting w/ you through having multiples. I will be reading your blog as you discover the joys & the challenges of parenting a set of multiples. Congrats!


Christine said...

What a precious pair! I am so happy for your family Angela. Thank you for your example of faith and paitence. What a gift you truly deserve. I can't wait to read of your many adventures of raising twins...double the joy! Congratulations. What a cute picture.

Camilla said...

I think they will be gifted!

They certainly are adorable. Sorry about the carseat problem. I remember when we bought ours thinking there weren't that many options for twin babies out there. . . .

Camilla said...

(meant to add this: we ended up buying graco carseats and stroller--have a few things I don't love, but otherwise okay. I certainly didn't do research like you did: I just went to Babies R Us and bought them. (P.S. make sure you ask for the twin discount there)