Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A story of a car seat

So, here's my car seat story.

Last March I started researching infant car seats. I decided to go with the Chicco Key Fit 30. Here it is:
It is Consumer Reports number one rated car seat, and it had so many positive reviews on different websites.

Well, the adoption fell through, but we decided to keep it and use it when we finally did have a successful adoption. So come June, we took this seat, still in the box to Utah, and bought a second one there. I have used these 2 car seats for 3 weeks now, about 7 car trips. I have truly loved them. The LATCH system is amazing (at least compared to my previous car seat 5 years ago), they click in and out of the base so well, they go all the way down to 4 pounds and up to 30 pounds, and the boys seem to be so comfortable in them. And did I mention that they are Consumer Reports number one rated seat?

Anyway, after three weeks I decided to get a double stroller for these. I bought this:

I thought I was getting the best of both worlds, an awesome car seat and a double stroller. Well, turns out the Chicco isn't compatible with that stroller. Actually, it turns out that the Chicco is compatible with NO double stroller. I actually called the company, and while Shannon assured me that they are aware of the problem, and that a double stroller is in the works and will be out in 2010, that doesn't really help me. Don't worry, it is compatible with the single stroller above as well as several Chicco brand single strollers, just not a double.

So, I have had to choose: the seats that I love, or a double stroller. I have decided to sell the seats. Actually, we can return one of the seats, but the other we bought too long ago.

Long story short, does anyone need a new car seat? Do you know anyone that needs a new car seat? They sell for $180 at Babies R Us, but we would sell it for $100 if we could. If I haven't convinced you that this is a great seat, and not used because it has only been in my car 7 times, what else can I tell you?


Alisha said...

AWWW man, we already have a car seat for the little one on the way...otherwise I would jump all over that deal. I'll pass along the info though. They sound awesome!

Trent and Carlie & Co. said...

I am so sorry that the seats haven't worked out for you! Here is what we have used if this info helps you at all. We have Graco car seats & have really liked them (they do not face forward though - I found that out much later.) :) We have loved our double stroller.


Wish upon a Starr said...

We could use a new car seat, but not sure if it's worth mailing it clear to utah.