Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Traditions 3

I thought I would be better at getting more of our traditions posted, but December is, as usual, quite busy. As I have been thinking about traditions, and why they are so important to me, I found a post on a blog that resonated so deeply with me. Leah is no one I know in real life, but discovered her blog awhile back. She always writes so well, but her post on traditions really stuck with me. Go HERE to read it. Then come back and see what our next traditions is.

The Christmas Tree Ornament

That my friends is the first ornament I got when I was 1 in 1977. The paint is peeling, he once had a broom (I don't ever remember that, but I've been told), and he is obviously loved to pieces. My grandparents started the tradition. Each year they gave us an ornament. As we got older, it was one thing we really looked forward to. We would lay them all out--each one special in its own way. Here are some from my collection.

1978, my second. My grandma had made 4 carolers,
and my sister and I got to each pick one. She
was 7 and picked a pretty girl. I was 2 and
picked the boy with the slingshot and black eye.
Everyone always thinks this is such a funny story.

1981. Another one grandma made.

1983--All 3 sisters got these dolls.

1987. I was into a teddy bear phase and got
several bear ornaments over the years.

One of the last ones I received.

My mom has carried on the tradition with her grandchildren. Tyler now has 6 in his collection, and the twins got their first ornament this year.

I asked Tyler to let me take his picture of him with his ornament and the following is what I got:

And the twins got matching ones this year:

I just love my mom. You see, along with the ornament came a trim-the-tree party at Grandma's, and my mom has also carried on this tradition. Dinner, decorate grandma's house, crack a pinata, and get your ornament. We have lived away from her for most of our married life, but she doesn't forget us. The week of the party a box arrives at our house with our ornaments, gifts, and anything else that we would have got if we had been at the party. It makes it just a little easier being so far away.


michelle said...

I love Tyler in the photos. Your mom is awesome! I think it is great that you keep the Christmas Traditions going. Over the years I have quit doing our Christmas Traditions

fitandfungrandma said...

How I loved seeing the ornaments. I really can remember you carrying that snowman all around the house. I don't know that it ever really hung on the tree that year. And I really love carrying on the tradition!

amanda said...

This is one tradition that I do have and love. Keira actually wore two as bracelets to school this year! So it must be a girl thing to carry them around with you like that! Because Kenna does the same thing! I found two under my pillow last night! It is a wonder I have any left on my tree! But I love the pictures of Tyler and your Mom does rock!!!