Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Grade

This boy was so excited to start school yesterday. The whole car ride over he was singing a made-up song that went something like this:

I am in first grade. Now I am a first grader. (Repeat)

We are at a new school this year, so I think there was a little nervousness in him, but overall he couldn't stop smiling. The drop-off and pick-up lines were horrendous, but let's hope that gets better as everyone learns the procedures.

We are looking forward to a fabulous year.


Jenybobenny said...

I was SO not excited to start sixth grade but it's good that tyler is happy

Hart Family said...

Random comment here :) We just went to our new ward today here in Katy, and apparently a brother of your husband lives in our ward. We have had Stansel's in every ward we've lived in TX. Just thought I would mention it :) Glad Tyler is enjoying school, my kids get to take the bus here and are absolutely in heaven. Miss you all in Eagle Springs!

michelle said...

What a cute song...I'm glad he is enjoying school!! :)