Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The little boys right now

The babies are now 14 months old. And what are they like right now?

  • loves any and all balls and will sit and play catch with you.
  • gets into the trash can, to the point I've had to move it into the pantry.
  • thinks pulling all the DVDs and video games off the shelf is the world's greatest activity.
  • forgets to take naps, or thinks that 45 minutes is an appropriate length for a nap.
  • "dances" whenever he hears music.
  • gets jealous when someone else sits in mom's lap.
  • squeals when Dad gets home from work.
  • will give hugs.
  • can scream. No you don't understand--that boy can scream.
  • is quite the charmer with his curly hair and dimples.

  • loves to play with his stacking rings.
  • finds it amusing to unroll the toilet paper or pull all the tissues out of the box.
  • joins his brother daily in pulling the DVDs off the shelves.
  • loves his taggie. Hand it to him and he immediately grabs it, sucks his thumb, and stops crying.
  • enjoys bathtime and is fascinated with the water coming out of the spout.
  • often tries to take toys from Brady, and has been known to headbutt to get said toy.
  • likes to play with big brother.
  • has eyelashes to covet.
  • will often catch your eye and just flash a giant smile.
  • is best described with the word sweet.


Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

They are so super cute! My boys have those shirts as well- good for twins, I guess! I remember at 14 months Jack & Logan were both walking (rather quickly) and it was scary if I was somewhere without gates or my stroller! Pretty soon your boys will start talking and when you give them vegetables they will say, "Mommy, I no like it. I like chocolate, please." Or maybe that's just my kids! :)

Brit said...

It's so fun to hear their differences. They are both so sweet and it has been so fun to watch them grow up this last year!