Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall, finally

Yeah!  Fall has finally arrived in Houston.  We spent last Saturday in shorts and tees, and for the last 2 days we are in jeans and hoodies.  Granted, our fall weather is the lovely high of 62 as opposed to freezing temperatures elsewhere.  I love it.  We had hot cocoa for breakfast and have finally pulled out all our new fall clothes.

On Monday, I swapped out the Halloween decor for the Thanksgiving/Harvest stuff. 
Here is my front door with my scarecrow wreath.  I also got a good look at my yellow mums.  I love yellow mums on porches for fall.  Well, obviously mine are a lovely shade of brown.  I am a mum killer.  One of these years, I am going to keep my mums alive until Thanksgiving.  It's my goal.

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