Tuesday, November 2, 2010

National Adoption Month

Did you know November is National Adoption Month?

I am certainly grateful for the blessing of adoption.  It was the selfless sacrifice of our birthmother and the tireless effort of our caseworkers that brought us our miracle x2.

Ha! Now look at them:

Our agency contacted us about a month ago.  They were just trying to network and gather more adoptive families.  They actually had several birthmothers who needed to place quickly--and not enough families to show them.  While we are not quite ready to take the leap again ourselves, it did start the conversation between Dan and me.  Once the twins get just a little bit older, we are going to begin the adoption process again.  I can't help but feel someone is still waiting to join us.  And thanks to the miracle of adoption, we will be able to complete our family.

Here is the link to our entire adoption story.


Amber said...

This post made me happy. Adoption is such a beautiful thing. There's something extra special about it being a two-sided choice of the heart - an adopted child can know, without any doubt, that they were anxiously yearned for and gratefully received.

Brit said...

If they ever contact you again, I know a wonderful couple in Utah that have been trying to adopt forever :-) I just love seeing all the happiness your twins have brought your family!

Ashley said...

Jaren is a constant reminder that adoption is certainly a beautiful thing. He still receives letters from the caseworker that placed him in the arms of my in-laws.

Michele and Wyatt said...

What is the adoption agency that you went through? I have some friends who are wanting to adopt and are looking for a good adoption agency. Any information I could give them would be great.

Penelope said...

Please, please, please add your story to our adoption blog hop!!!

Cath said...

My goodness Angela! I'm seeing your blog for the first time and those pictures of your baby boys make me want to cry! I would love for you to share your story with our readers if you're open to that. Send me an email if that is of interest to you! You are truly a blessed mother! I'm so happy for you.