Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Rambles

1.  Am I the only mom still feeling the effects of daylight savings?  Brady has been humming every morning at 5 since the change.  And mean old mom leaves him there until 6:30 or he starts screaming, whichever comes first.

2.  Yesterday, I had 20 minutes when both babies were sleeping.  That's it.  And since the only time my house is clean is when they are asleep, it was a disaster until 8:00 last night.

3.  Any multiple moms out there have a suggestion for what to do when one twin needs more sleep than the other?  Is our only option to separate them?

4.  Tyler is such a sweetie.  For the past few months, Dan and I have been getting up at 6 for our scripture study.  I've discovered that unless I schedule it in, it doesn't happen.  So quite often Tyler comes down, and we are still reading.  He is always asked to sit quietly while we finish.  This morning he came into our room carrying his own set of scriptures and asked if he could read with us. 

5.  I love living in Houston this time of year.  We get some chilly days, but for the most part, our weather is gorgeous.  I just have to remind myself of that all summer.  At least we have October/November and again in March/April.

6.  With the lovely weather, we have been spending more time outside--which we all love. Yesterday the babies got to try out the wagon for the first time.  They loved it.

So the pictures don't really show it, but I promise they both liked riding in it.

7.  The memories of the lovely red wagon.  We got it when Tyler broke his leg, which I wrote about here.

8.  I've decided that I really like leftover Halloween candy.  Luckily I have also learned to like the gym.

9.  Brady and Carter have both been asleep for almost 45 minutes.  Let's see how much longer their morning nap lasts.


Amber said...

No, you are not alone. Whoever came up with daylight savings time obviously did not have small children.

Brit said...

I HATE daylight savings! My boys have both been waking up super early. And I had just finally got them to start taking their afternoon nap at the same time. But daylight savings undid all my hard work. Boo! Sweet story about Tyler wanting to join scripture study :-)