Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mr. Roboto

When the letter came home about making a Valentine's Day box for school, Tyler was so excited.  He had already decided on a robot.  I figured we could get a little creative, since his previous Valentine's Day box had been used for 3 years in a row.  He wanted big.  I kept encouraging smaller, but he even asked his teacher how big they could make their boxes.  Her answer: As big as you want, as long as you can still carry it.  So we gathered some boxes.

Covered them with one coat of gray primer and one coat of silver spray paint.

Cut out the slot in front and a hole in the back for the Valentines.  Assembled using duct tape.  Cut out the letters and shapes with my Cricut, and then Tyler added his name and the face.  What do you think?


Stephanie said...

I love it. You guys make a great creative team!

Sometimes I get stressed when I think of Paige needing a creative parent in the future - since both Doug and I are really lacking in that department.

Amber said...

I love it. And it's HUGE! Tyler must be expecting a lot of valentines this year :)

Emily said...

AWESOME!! I can't wait for Macey to start making Valentine's boxes!

jennmom2000 said...

That is fantastic! I love it!

michelle said...

I LOVE it!! you are so CREATIVE!!