Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Decor

Last year when I pulled out my Valentine's Day decor, I found three things.  I thought I had more, but apparently I was still in twin-induced fog brain.  Well this year, I remembered that I only had three things, and have spent some time adding, inexpensively when possible, to our decor.  Here are my new things:

This black shelf is in my kitchen and I try to decorate it for each holiday/season.  I have always put out the jar filled with candy hearts, and the bigger white heart is out all the time, but everything else is new.  The sweet little bird is from Hobby Lobby, and I made everything else.  I had the white frames, so I just made some text boxes in word with some Valentine's words--so easy.  I whipped up the pillow with some fabric scraps, in other words--free!  But my favorite is the yarn wreath.

 The pink fabric was a 50 cent remnant, the yarn was $2, and the wreath was a grapevine wreath in a 2 pack for $1.77.  Total: under $5, and I have enough to make more.  I just love the way it turned out.

 Next is my mantle, that needs a major overhaul.  Another project for another day.  I found the heart garland at Home Goods ($7).  I've decided I want to make or find a garland for every holiday--I love the way it looks over the fireplace.

 I cut up a beaded garland found at Hobby Lobby and put around my candles.

 I made me some subway art, but took the idea from HERE.  I love their version, but it is made for 8x10 porportions, and I wanted to put it in a 5x7 frame I already had.  I just used a text box in Word, typed my words, changed the color and font, and then made it the right size.  Again, super easy, and one I might replicate for other holidays.

My last project is also stolen from the same blog above, located HERE.  They used 5x7 frames.  I went with 8x10, and while I like the impact, I realized that it is hard to fit 3 frames that size in a row. Another inexpensive project.  Frames: $3 each from Walmart.  Letters: $1 each from Hobby Lobby.  Red spray paint: $4 from Walmart.  Glitter: $3 from Walmart.  Paper: from my stash.  Total: under $20, and I can reuse the frames for more holidays.

I have stuff to do one more project, but it doesn't look like I will be getting to that in time for Valentine's Day.  Maybe.  We'll see how the next few days go.


Stephanie said...

I'm impressed. I don't have any thing Valentine's Day out right now. :(

Emily said...

So fun & crafty! We should start a craft book for just holiday crafts, my house could use some "holiday cheer" as well!

Jenica said...

So cute. Me and mom printed out the subway art from the same blog you used and mom bought us cute red frames. Lucky me!

Jenica said...
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