Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Pictures

I often find myself taking pictures, thinking of their place in a potential blog post, and then I never get around to blogging them.  So here, in random fashion, are some recent pictures.

Tyler's "Friendship Party" at school.  Heaven forbid we call it a Valentine's party.  Here he is playing, and winning, this chopstick game.  Notice his robot box on the side.

We didn't do much for Valentine's this year, just made heart shaped pizzas for dinner.

Yes, they keep me busy.  Yes, they are into everything.  Yes, the destruction continues:

Ha, ha!  Tyler snapped this one of Carter getting a bum check from Dad.

I took these two when I was feeling completely overwhelmed at my house.  When the twins were born, Dan found me a cleaning lady who comes twice a month.  I love the days she visits.  She came this week, and just a few hours later this is what my house looked like.  The pictures just don't do the mess justice.  Wipes discovered and thrown across the floor, toys and clothes everywhere.  And the rice.  Oh why did I serve rice the day my house got cleaned!  I had to get out the vacuum.

We have been to the jump place by our house countless times, but it was a first for the babies.  They loved it.  And although I did a lot of chasing, we had fun.

And I'll finish with this adorable one of Brady.

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Emily said...

Lol- I'm glad you were updating your blog during enrichment! Missed ya!