Thursday, April 26, 2012

100 months

When Jackson turned 2 months old, and Tyler realized we were calculating age by months instead of years, he wanted to figure out how many months old he was, which was 98.  And I knew right then, that we just had to do something for him when he hit the big 100.  Now if I was trying to win mother-of-the-year, we would have had a big party complete with decor and treats worked out in a 100 theme.  However, I have been out of running for that award for a long time now.  Instead we just had his favorite dinner (pizza), cupcakes and ice cream for dessert, and he got one present (a bop-it).

What a wonderful 100 months.  We love you Tyler!


Angela said...

You're a GENIUS! I won't be doing a whole party but we're totally rocking the treats and a small gift. I don't think I'll even tell him before and just make it a great surprise. Ty turns 100 months on 6/1. Oh you're fantastic for posting this!

T Fowler said...

What a great idea! E would get such a kick out of this. Now I'm sitting here trying to do the math to figure out when 100 months is from his birthday!