Friday, April 27, 2012

4 months old

Guess who turned 4 months old this week?

He is growing well.  His stats from his checkup this week are:
height: 24 1/2 inches (33 percentile)
weight: 14 pounds 3 ounces (35 percentile)

So while he is still on the small side, his curve on the growth chart is spot on.

And while I still wish in many ways he would stay little, I also have decided that each age is awesome.  Here are some of the things we are loving about our 4 month old.

  • I am absolutely loving all the smiles and coos he gives us.  It is so much fun to watch him start to interact with us, and I really love it when he "talks" to his brothers.
  • I love that he is still small enough to snuggle up with me.  He still likes to lay on my shoulder and loves to be held.
  • He is becoming a great sleeper.  He takes real naps in the day now.  He has been sleeping anywhere from 6-9 hours at night, but last night he did his first 12 hour stretch!  It was wonderful.
  • He loves to eat.  As he went longer at night, he wanted to eat more and more in the day.  I know, it makes perfect sense right?  We just upped his volume, so now he gets offered 6 ounces at a time, and usually eats 5-6 of that.
  • He is still a sweet angel baby--content, easy-going, and just overall happy.

And of course, Brady and Carter wanted to be a part of the photo shoot.

Love, love this one!!

We love you Jackson!


T Fowler said...

So cute!
Isn't it funny how your youngest seems so little still until you bring home a newborn and then they seem like giants? I love the picture of the boys together (and I love Jackson's checks!).

Brit said...

Oh my heck. Could he BE any cuter?!! Glad you had an awesome Mothers day too. You look great!