Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Easter

What a wonderful Easter holiday this year.

First up, Friday after school we dyed our Easter eggs.

We spent Saturday together with my family.  That afternoon we gave my sister her birthday present--manual labor.  She had several projects that needed to be done around her yard, and we got them all completed for her, and got some sunburns too.  My mom hosted a BBQ for all of us that evening.  Our first of the season, and so nice to eat juicy burgers, homemade potato salad, and fresh fruit.

Sunday morning, the kids were so excited to find the Easter bunny had come.  The twins especially thought it was awesome to wake up to baskets of candy.

 Next, we rolled out sugar cookies.  Well, I did, and then gave Carter the last little bit to roll out.  He loves helping mom.

Next, Tyler and Dad headed to church, while I stayed home with the twins and the snottiest noses ever.  I am sad to have missed church on the most important Sunday of the year, but I did get to spend time with my sweet boys in the gorgeous weather when we went outside to blow bubbles that the Easter bunny brought.

At first the plan was to do our Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and each of us would spend Easter Sunday on our own.  But I woke up Friday so sad that we weren't going to get a traditional Easter dinner, that I decided to host one myself.  My mom and I put together a menu, and managed a delicious dinner.  The usual ham, funeral potatoes, fruit salad, green beans (make these!  they are the best green beans I've ever had), spinach salad, and orange rolls.  Yummy!

Sweet Jackson being held by my sister.

And finally, Grandma hosted an egg hunt for us.

I followed Carter around first, and then went to find Brady.  (Tyler was way too fast and off with cousins for me to photograph.) Brady had found one egg, realized it had candy in it, and sat down to eat his treasure. 

I love being able to spend holidays with my family.  I love springtime.  I love Easter.  Most of all, I love my Savior, who made it possible for us to live again.

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