Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feels like Summer

When Tyler walked out the door this morning, he started begging.

"Can I please play outside in the water after school?"

I told him that if it was 80 degrees or warmer, I'd let him get out the kiddie pools and slip and slide when he got home.

He walked in the door from school, picked up my phone, checked the weather, and pretty much screamed, "Yes! 82!"

It really was an absolutely beautiful day.  It marked the first water day, as well as our first A/C day. 

And some photos of today (where I discovered it is really hard to get good pictures when you are holding a baby in one arm and a camera in the other):

I will say that this is one of the best things about living here in Utah.  Now that we've been here 9 months, I guess I can admit that this move has been hard--I really didn't want to leave Texas.  I was leaving behind my life of 5 years, a sense of community, and most of all some very dear friends.  But after spending the day with my boys in the sun, I can say that I am really looking forward to Summer.  You know, an actual Summer where you can go outside and do things.  In fact, we already made our Summer Bucket list:

and I am really excited to start checking things off.

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