Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jackson's bedroom

Way back last October when we closed on the house, I posted some pictures here with the intention that they would serve as some before shots.  I have never posted any "after" shots.  The main reason is that I haven't really done anything to the house.  Our yard is done, except the fence, so I do need to post some pictures of that.  But the inside?  No decorating going on here.  Between moving in, the holidays, and having a baby, I haven't had the time.  And since we still own a house in Houston (don't ask, it's a sore subject) I haven't had the money either.

But I finally put together a nursery for Jackson, and I did it all for under $10.  When we first moved in, we had painters that came in and touched up walls and trim throughout the house.  I had them paint this room and the Master Bedroom at that time.  For the rest of the room, I simply told myself I could only use things I already had.  (I have stuff. I mean I have done 2 boy nurserys before).  The only money I spent was one small project and printing photos.  Here it is:

Looking back the other direction:

Over his crib.  This is where I made a little art project.  $6 for Ikea frames, scrapbook paper I already had, and a $1 letter painted red.

On the side table, I love this picture.

Framed pictures from his newborn shoot:

And what may be my favorite thing in the room.  Right when you walk in, there is a little wall jutting out.  (It's the closet.)  Well, when we first moved here and were staying with my parents, I found this needlepoint that my grandmother made me when I was little.  I just put it in a frame I already had, and I love it.  I love the retro feel of it, but mostly I love having a little piece of my grandma in this room.  I loved her and had a special relationship with her.  I wish she could have met all my boys.

Up close.  See it even has my name on it!


Shelly Cunningham said...

I love his nursery! It's so precious. I really like the frame with all his newborn pictures in it. {love}

T Fowler said...

That is great. Those are the same colors that I'm doing Guard's nursery (or course, I really didn't redecorate from when Enoch moved out, just took away a bed and added a crib and changing table). I like the letter idea, I may steal it. And I really like the needlepoint. That is such a great thing to get out of storage and be able to see every time you walk into his room.

Michelle said...

I love his bedroom! I can't believe he is 5 months already!!