Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

What a great Easter weekend.  I love all traditions, including our Easter ones.


Dyeing Eggs

Yes, I did make my boys take off their shirts while we were around the dye.

Easter Baskets

This year the Easter Bunny brought everyone a new spring outfit, spring pajamas, bubbles, balls, and of course candy--chocolate bunnies, Resse's Peanut Butter cups, Peeps, and jelly beans.

Going to church
Doesn't everyone look so excited?  Can you imagine how crazy every Sunday at church is?  Just imagine a one year old who won't sit on your lap, and two three year olds who try to run around.  It's that bad, times about 10!

Making sugar cookies

This year Carter helped me roll out and cut them, while all the kids helped put sprinkles on after I frosted them.

Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt

My sister hosted this year.  We ate yummy dinner, and then let the kids go in the back yard to hunt for eggs.  And we finished off with a grandparent picture.

While all the tradition is fun, and I love being with my family, I know that Easter is actually all about our Savior.  I am so grateful for his sacrifice and resurrection.  He truly does live today.


Shelly Cunningham said...

Your outfit is so cute- the one when making cookies- love it!

Michelle said...

Yay!! So many new posts!! Thanks for taking the time. :) looks like everyone is doing well!!