Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jackson at 15 months

This has been sitting in my drafts folder for almost a week, so I really should title it Jackson at 16 months since he hits that on the 23rd.  Oh well.

We finally made it in for his 15 month check up, and here are his stats:
Weight: 22 lbs. 7 oz. (41st percentile)
Height: 30 1/2 inches (18th percentile)
Head size: 48 1/4 cm (84th percentile)
Yes he still has a huge head.

He is STILL not walking!  I know that there is a normal range and all, but come on kid! However, his pediatrician isn't worried, so I won't be either.  When I mentioned that he still wasn't walking, the ped asked me a set of questions: "Does he pull himself and walk on furniture?" Yes.  "Can he stand on his own?" Yes.  "Can he get where he wants to go." Yes, quickly.  "Does he have older siblings that help him out?" Yes.  "He'll get there."  And the more I thought about, the more it makes sense.  It is so his personality.  He has always been content and calm.  Even in utero, he was that way.  I remember stopping almost daily to count kicks because he was so calm. I just don't think he sees the need to walk.  (And in the last week, he has taken one step about 5 different times.  It'll happen.)

He is getting more interactive with us, and I love it.  He has a few words: uh-oh, no, bye-bye, momma (well, still more a ma ma ma ma), but he communicates with lots of head shakes, points, waves.  He just added the bye to the waving this week.  He gives high fives and kisses.  He also tries to get my attention by gagging himself.  Weird kid.  He has actually made himself throw up before, so I do give him a lot of attention when he does that.

He has definitely picked a security item.  He has a blankie now that he loves--when he's sad or tired, just give it to him and he buries his head in it.

He is a great sleeper (12 hours at night with anywhere from 1-3 hours of napping in the day).  He is a good eater.  I think his favorite food is strawberries, but he will eat almost anything I can cut into bite size pieces.  I am sad to say that he is not too fond of any vegetables.  He drinks about half from a sippie and half from his bottle.  (Oh he is such a fourth child.)  He doesn't like milk in a cup. 

He likes toys.  He loves to go up to the playroom and tries his best to keep up with his brothers.  He loves to empty out drawers, but he will put things back if you coach him on it.  He is just starting to like and understand the concept of books.  He is also realizing what tv is.  He likes Mickey Mouse, and cranes his head (since he's still rear-facing) to watch the DVD in the car.

More and more often we have been calling him Jackers.  

It's such a fun stage where he is really developing a personality and wants to communicate with us.  We all just love and adore him.

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