Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas prep

We scaled back a lot this year.  I let a lot of things go that I didn't think I could do without a spouse.  We did no baking, no big trip to the city to see lights, with our house on the market we cut out a lot of decorating, but it has still been a good month.

We did put up a little tree this year, with a few decorations.

My mom also had her annual trim the tree party, this year with an extra special visitor.  I love her traditions, and thank goodness she was willing to carry on this year when I wasn't.

We decorated the tree.

The kids got their new ornaments.

We broke the pinata.

And finally, had a visit from Santa.  Brady and Carter wouldn't go near his lap, even with the promise of a present.


1 comment:

Charlotte Blanche said...

Oh I love the pictures, gave me a grave case of nostalgia <3
I love the idea of Santa visiting the kids, still remember when I met him ;)