Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Heater

I got to turn on my heater this morning for the first time!! We have been waiting and waiting for it to cool down just a little here, and it finally did. Monday morning when I took Tyler to school at 8:30, it was a muggy 80 degrees. By the time I picked him up at noon, it was in the 60's and rainy. It hasn't gotten above 72 since! This afternoon Tyler and I went outside and treated ourselves to a little game in the beautiful fall weather. I knew it would eventually come, we'll just see how long it stays.

Now, that would be totally lame if I only talked about the weather, so let me also add a small note to say that the best Sunday of the year is inevitably the day of the Primary Program. And yes, even though we had only been called one week when it was time to do the program, it turned out great. The kids are sweet, the leaders and teachers are awesome, and the spirit was strong. I am looking forward to the upcoming year of primary.

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