Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Recap

And I am finally able to play some catch up.

I found a few more pictures of some things we did in December to get ready for Christmas. We made it to see Santa in the mall. The other pictures are of Tyler's class party.

Christmas Eve
We had a nice Christmas Eve. Growing up, that was always when we had our big meal, and truly focused on the real meaning of Christmas. We had John and Michelle (my BIL and SIL) as well as Dan's parents over. The kids frosted sugar cookies and played. We had a yummy dinner. And after reading from the Luke 2, Grandpa did what he always does, and read "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

Christmas Morning
For the second year in a row, Tyler woke up about 2 and was too excited to sleep. Just when I got him back to bed, Brady woke up. So Dan and I sat in front of the tree, rocked Brady back to sleep, and watched one of those cheesy Lifetime Movies. (Which, by the way, I absolutely love all the cheesy Christmas movies on tv this time of year.) Tyler was up for good at about 6:30, loving all his presents. We let Brady try out his new present, where he promptly feel asleep. And finally, Carter woke up and opened his things. And after breakfast we all had a nap!

Tyler loving his new snuggie!

See, he's wearing it while he helps Brady.

Brady fast asleep.

Check out everybody's loot:

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