Monday, January 11, 2010

A Twin Update

As I was going through my December photos, I found a few pictures of the twins.

We went to visit my friend and her new baby last month.
Her 3 year old twins kept loving on our twins. It was so cute.

Tyler had a friend over to play.
When it was time to feed the babies,
I walked out of the room, and back in to see this.
What good helpers!

Grandpa S. looking at double trouble!

Also, they had their six month check up last week, and here are their stats:

17 lbs. 8 oz. (36th percentile, unadjusted; 70th percentile, adjusted)
26 inches (20th percentile, unadjusted; 60th percentile, adjusted)

Brady is also a busy boy. He is constantly moving, and he loves to put weight on his feet. He prefers interacting with people over toys or himself. He loves to eat, and quite often believes I don't feed him fast enough. He is doing well with solids, but still loves that bottle. Brady was the one with RSV. After breathing treatments and an antibiotic for an ear infection, he is back on the mend. We also had a little run in with pink eye last week, but we were actually very lucky and it cleared up after just 2 days.

Snuggling with a sick Brady

16 lbs. 8 oz (20th percentile, unadjusted; 54th percentile, adjusted)
26 1/2 inches (36th percentile, unadjusted; 75th percentile, adjusted)

Carter is still my mild and sweet boy. He can certainly roll, and loves to move all over his crib when he sleeps. He was down to wearing his apnea monitor only at night, but after a severe case of eczema on his chest, I let him go a few nights with out it. When I put it back on, the next morning he was getting wires tangled around his legs, so we haven't put it back on. We are going to the pulmonologist one last time this month, but he has gone over a month with no episodes, so it looks all good. Carter is very much a hand to mouth guy--sucks on his thumb and loves to chew on toys. Carter had the same junk that Brady had last week, but his RSV test came back negative. The doctor still assumed he had RSV, but because he was tested so long after the onset of symptoms, his test may have read a false negative. But luckily, everyone is healthy now!

Snuggling with a sick Carter.

The afternoon after their check-up--immunizations make you so tired!

I love you sweet boys!


Tresa Fowler said...

I can't believe how big they are getting! They are adorable! I'm so happy I can get to know them a bit through your blog.
PS- I love the stripped jammies.

Lori Muir said...

Good update! So cute. I like it that you look tired in the pictures. It's honest. You need documentation of that! Glad they're doing better, and they're so cute!

Camilla said...

They are adorable.

Reed was just 16 lbs 3 oz., so he's even smaller than they are unadjusted-- and he was born at 8lbs 5 oz. So his short mom and skinny Dad genes are kicking in. How big was the boy's mom??? I think they are growing great!

amanda said...

love the post and the pictures! I think they are just perfect in every way adjusted perecentiles or not! I didn't think you every got tired with them-good to see :) I thought you were perfect! :) I love ya!!! Thanks for being sooo sweet to Keira-I really appreciate it!!!

Western Family said...

I can not get over how big the boys have gotten. They have passed Morgan up and she started out much bigger... Must be all that love in ya'lls house making those baby boys grow like weeds.

Rachel said...

The double-twins picture is SO precious!! As is the last pic. They are too cute!!