Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's new this week?

1. Poor Tyler missed two days of school this week because he kept coughing. Not during the day; only from bedtime until about midnight. Just enough to either make him throw up or not sleep. Lucky us. I think he is just fine now.

2. Carter is FINALLY off his apnea monitor. Our pulmonologist said he has only had one other patient have to wear the monitor as long. Good riddance to that nuisance!

3. Brady has curly hair. Odd that we only realized that this week. After bath one morning as I was drying his hair, there they were. I put a little product in his hair, and he has been curly-haired ever since. Let's see how long it lasts.
See those little bitty curls on top of his head?

4. The babies turned 7 months. Wow has time flown by.
Is it just me, or does that picture above, remind you of this picture below:

5. I discovered what may be my new favorite ice cream flavor. Blue Bell Southern Blackberry Cobbler. If you live where they sell Blue Bell, you really ought to try it. Thanks for sharing it with us Mike and Jen!


amanda said...

I will have to try the ice cream! I love that picture of the twins! They don't look cranky at all! haha!! We missed Tyler tons last week! Keira was teary eyed both days I picked her up with no Tyler! :)

michelle said...

I love Brady's curly hair!! I'm SO glad that Carter is finally off everything!! I'm glad Tyler is feeling better! I would love to come watch the boys for you one day next week, so that you can go to the temple or do some errands! Let ne know!

Alisha said...

Those curls are so cute! I hope Tyler is feeling better. Hooray for no more monitors! :)

Gold Fort said...

That is "to-die-for" ice cream!!!

Camilla said...

Yep, that photo does look like the meerkats. We also have had the night-coughs. . .and it has ruined our days because of lack of sleep. . . .please could spring come any quicker?

Rachelle said...

they are sooo cute! love peeking in on you guys! thanks for the sweet comment and you are totally right - i wouldn't change a thing! it's not the babies that is hard - it's that i just want to spend every second with the babies and neglect everything/everyone else! lol. guess i can't do that really. i will figure out a balance but for now i just love breathing them in...every second! have a great day!