Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyler

Like every mom, I am shocked at how fast my boy is growing up, and cannot believe I have a six year old. I am also pleased with the sweet boy he is becoming.

We had a low key birthday this year--no big party with friends or anything. We let Tyler pick a place for lunch, so we ended up at McDonalds. We went to Target where he got to spend some birthday money. And then we had pizza for dinner and cake and ice cream with family.

Spongebob and Legos, a winning combination!

Ah, the traditional birthday chomp. We have been doing this forever in my family. All day long, Tyler was asking about taking his chunk. He gets it!

Happy Birthday bud!

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Camilla said...

We have decided on just having friend parties every other year, family parties on the off years. . . .I am hoping this will save me some crazy insanity!

It is amazing how these little dudes grow. . . .I remember when you were prego with Tyler!