Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bedroom Redo

So after living here 3 years, I am finally getting around to decorating our master bedroom. I am not a decorator. In fact, if you are a decorator, please do not laugh at my attempts. I am not posting this here because it will be so beautiful, but because by posting the before, I will have to follow through with the after. So, here is the before:

The view from the door

A view of each wall

Just a comment about the complete redneck-ness of my room. Yes, we have been using a card table for our tv and tv trays as nightstands. We did have a bedroom set, but when we moved into this house we upgraded to a king size bed. Which I wouldn't trade. Ever. So we bought the metal frame, continued using the rest of the furniture, and put the old queen bed upstairs. Well, we had these little space hogs called twins who required a room to themselves. So, we sold the old bedroom set, leaving us with no furniture.

So far in the bedroom reno, I have bought nightstands and a dresser.
Tyler models a new nightstand.

I have cleared off and removed the bookcases. I have bought most of the bedding. I am currently picking out paint color. Then I still need to finish furnishing with big stuff, and accesorize. I will take tips. For example, What is great to put over the bed? And see that space in the second picture? What should I put between the doors? A table? bench? nothing? And how do I hang pictures on the wall with the light switch and alarm pad stuck there?

Any and all help is appreciated. And now I have committed--you will see an after soon!


Rachel said...

It looks great! I wish I could be of help on your questions, but I'm not much of a decorator either.

michelle said...

I wish I could help you...I'm not a great decorator either. Maybe, when we come next weekend I can see. I can't wait to see the new nightstands, the new dresser and the new bedding!!

Camilla said...

For behind the bed, I've seen some amazing cutain rods and curtains that help frame off that section and give a focal point. I've seen this look in the pottery barn catalogues.