Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well, I had to call Poison Control today for the first time with my kids. (I did call it once about 8 years ago for Dan when he was freaking out over being stung by a scorpion.) We have a diaper caddy in our living room with diapers, wipes, and various ointments. The babies are getting mobile enough now to pull it over, but usually just pull on the diapers. Well, today I look up and see Carter chewing on a tube of Lamasil--and the lid is off and he has some on his face! Ack! I couldn't tell if he had eaten any or not, but since the package said to call Poison Control, we did. PC said not to worry, he would have to eat a lot to get sick, and even then it would just be vomiting and diarrhea. That was long enough ago that I think we are in the clear. And we have moved the diaper caddy.

I find it uncanny how often the twins do simultaneous poops. If I'm changing one stinky diaper, it seems like I'm changing two.

On the subject of diapers. we ran a few numbers. If we go through about 10 diapers a day, that's 3650 in a year. And if the boys potty train at 3, that means we will go through over 10,000 diapers.

And speaking of being mobile, I wouldn't say we have crawlers. Yet. Brady is often up on all fours, and can scooch just a little that way. Carter is starting the army crawl. Yikes. I am so not ready. While they can find their way around a room, they are neiher fast nor nimble enough to cause trouble. My, will that all change soon.

And because a few of you asked, the phone was in a stroller in the garage. While I turned the house inside out, I didn't once think to look in the garage!


LRM said...

I can't believe I haven't looked at your blog for a while. As usual I love the fun pictures of those cute boys. Brady and Carter seem to look bigger every time I see a new picture. And I loved Tyler's modeling pose for the table. Love you all!

michelle said...

I'm glad nothing bad happened to our sweet Carter. I'm getting super excited to come and spend the day with my very cute nephews...all 3 of them. See you on Saturday, bright and early!!

Wish upon a Starr said...

Thats pretty crazy to see that you could go through that many diapers. I was just glad to see that you didn't go as far to see how much money you would be out. I am sure that would make you sick. We finally got Matthew potty trained, so only one kid in diapers, what a relief that was for us. I feel for you! At the same time, I am so glad we don't have to use cloth diapers.

Brit said...

Glad everything is ok! 10,000 diapers? wow!

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

Check out my blog... I have a story about poison control being called this week, too. Ahh, the joy of twins!

Rachel said...

We've done the poison control thing once. It wasn't cool. I'm glad they were level headed with you - after our experience, I decided that they must have to tell everyone to go IMMEDIATELY to the ER for liability reasons.