Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brotherly Love

There are few things in this world that melt my heart. Watching Tyler be the big brother is one of them.

He loves his brothers. Sometimes, he loves too much. But for the most part he is willing to play, distract, move, and fetch on behalf of his brothers.

Yesterday morning I actually summoned the willpower to hit the gym before school. When I got home, Tyler had been entertaining his brothers in their cribs so Dad could shower. And last week, I left the room for just a minute, and came back to find the following game, or as Tyler told me, they were having a parade.

I know some of my most cherished relationships are with my siblings, so I hope that this brotherly love continues.


michelle said...

Tyler is a great kid! You can tell that he loves his 2 brothers. I love the last picture.

Camilla said...

Very cute indeed!