Friday, May 7, 2010

Just so tired

I have not been posting much. I am tired. Brady is lightning fast, and I forgot how exhausting it is to keep up with a crawler. At night when I have time to blog, I usually just want to veg out. So I thought these photos were fitting.

Doesn't everyone have a photo of them as a wee one, asleep in some weird place? Here is mine in all of its 70's glory:

Here is one of Tyler:

But this one of Brady I find especially funny:


Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

I'm pretty sure I grew up with your couch in my living room! Ha!

brenkachicka said...

What great pictures! That one of Brady is priceless!

T Fowler said...

Those are all great - especially Brady's!
Kate is in the process of completely giving up her naps and I feel like Brady most days when 9pm rolls around.
Good luck!

michelle said...

Way cute! My favorite is the one of Brady!

Rachel said...

My kid has NEVER fallen asleep randomly like that, so I LOVE pics of others! That one of Brady is amazing!